• Hudson View Front Desk Staff

    December 2, 2014

    Here at Hudson View we have many responsibilities as a Security staff. We ensure the safety of our staff, family members, but most importantly, our residents. Every day is a new adventure; we deal with outgoing patients, transporters, and many different personalities. We accept our daily duties knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of the people we come across. Our front desk personnel include Security and our veteran Receptionist Ms. Lillian Rios. Lillian has been part of our family for 23 years. She is the first face visitors see when they walk into our facility. Our Director of Security, Mr. Melvin Javier has been a member of the Hudson View family for 10 years, goes to show that our front desk personnel is more than equipped to handle any or most situations. There are 3 shifts, so there is a person on hand at all times. The security team includes 8 guards who go of out their way to assure your experience with us is a pleasant one. Valet services are also offered on weekends to decrease the hassle of parking for family members.

    By Melvin Javier—Director of Security