• Hudson View Care & Rehab Center provides a friendly atmosphere to ensure that the residents feel at home

    December 24, 2014

    The Activity department feels committed to meeting this goal. During the summer months, we provided various activities such as barbecue day, outdoor visits on the 10th floor, where we have a beautiful view of the Hudson River and New York city skyline, we also took the residents to the Spanish, Italian and Chinese Restaurants. Monthly parties and events on the 10th floor include Hawaiian party, casino day, Independence Day, and Fall party. During our parties, the residents express their happiness with the decorations and the entertainers. Every time that we see the happy faces of our residents, we know that our goal has been reached!!!!

    We want to welcome any family member, friends and all visitors to join us for any of our activities. It’s always nice to see a new face sharing new stories with us! We look forward to seeing you!

    COMING EVENTS: December is a busy month for our activity department, but we do it with pleasure to make our residents happy. You can help us meet our goal to give a gift to all of our residents at Christmas. We have a Christmas tree in the lobby full of symbols, and each symbol belongs to a resident, take a symbol and bring us a gift for that resident. This month we have many exciting events to celebrate the holidays, join us and make your loved one happy!!!

    We had a monthly birthday celebration, but if you are interested in celebrating your loved one’s birthday, please contact Evelyn Ramirez at 201-861-4040 =ext. 1229 so I can make sure that the appropriate assistance is provided.